**WB Debtcare cautions customers against the potential pitfalls of armchair shopping ahead of festive season **

Glasgow-based WB Debtcare has issued a caution to customers against the potential pitfalls of armchair shopping in the run up to the festive season.

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With average pay in the UK forecast to be £1200 a year lower in the next five years, according to the Resolution Foundation, Gordon Chalmers, partner and insolvency practitioner at WB Debtcare, has urged consumers to exercise caution when doing their Christmas shopping with their credit card online.

“With more and more of us working from home and growing used to armchair shopping due to Covid restrictions, it is very tempting to put all our Christmas shopping on our Paypal or credit card,” he said.

“But with the roll-out of the Covid vaccine now underway, it’s worth bearing in mind that as we return to more normal lifestyle and working patterns with associated travel and childcare costs, then our budgets might start to feel the strain.”

Chalmers advises anyone experiencing financial distress due to Covid to consider joining the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) that offers time to pay a manageable payment towards debts over a reasonable period.

There are no fees charged directly to anyone entering a DAS and any assets that they own, such as vehicles or property, are protected.

As part of a suite of emergency legislation introduced by the Scottish Government to support individuals in financial crisis in the face of the pandemic, the moratorium available to them to protect against creditor action has been extended from six weeks to six months.

“This gives individuals breathing space to ‘sit it out’ for a period until prospects are clearer,” said Chalmers.

“And while they can apply for the moratorium on their own, we can assist on their behalf, free of charge.”

Anyone who thinks that a Debt Payment Programme through DAS may be the best option to help them with their debts needs to seek help from an Approved Money Advisor, such as WB Debtcare.


For further information please contact Gordon Chalmers on 0141 566 7000

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Date 14 Dec20