Wylie & Bisset adapts to ‘new normal’ to signal death of nine to five and birth of better work/life balance

Chartered Accountants Wylie & Bisset has adapted to the ‘new normal’ of coronavirus-enforced changes to working life by signalling the death of the traditional nine to five treadmill and the birth of a better work/life balance.

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Donald McKinnon, managing partner and corporate restructure specialist, has grasped the opportunity presented by the lockdown to undertake a comprehensive restructure of Wylie & Bisset’s working methodologies that will offer maximum flexibility to clients and staff alike.

Having adapted its working methodologies during lockdown to operate remotely via various digital platforms to deliver services to clients with minimum disruption by working smarter to service clients’ business advisory requirements, the firm has embraced homeworking and, following a consultation period, has encouraged staff to work more from home and to work a nine day fortnight to offer a better work/life balance on a pro rata salary.

“We want to create the new norm rather than just be part of it,” said McKinnon. “We regard ourselves as blazing a trail; trendsetters rather than fashion followers who have grasped the opportunity presented by the health crisis to restructure our operations so that we are fit for purpose by adapting to the new norm.

“The crisis gave us the time to review our working methodologies and processes and, having looked into the future, we have emerged with a creative response that signals the death of the traditional nine to five Monday to Friday treadmill by embracing the need for flexibility and the requirement for a better work/life balance.

“I am actively engaged in the provision of corporate restructuring advice, but few corporate restructuring advisors restructure their own businesses. That is what we have done and, having gone through this process, I feel better equipped to advise other business owners about how to restructure their companies.”

And the changes have been broadly welcomed by Wylie & Bisset staff.

Mark Harper, insolvency manager, said: “Whilst working from home during lockdown has had its challenges, I can certainly see the benefits of doing it more often. The colleagues I have spoken to also see the benefits of avoiding the rush hour commute and the savings that will come from travelling to the office less often.”

Claire Dalrymple, senior manager in the corporate department, added: “I hope to be able to work from home two or three days a week, and I do think that rather than travelling to client meetings, I will continue to conduct a lot of these meetings on digital platforms.

“Not only will that enhance my productivity, I think those of us who need to travel to the office every day could save a significant sum on travelling expenses by working from home more often.”

Wylie & Bisset’s ‘new normal’ became fully operational at the start of this month.


For further information please contact Donald McKinnon on 0141 566 7000

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Date: 16 July 20