Wylie & Bisset sports ‘zoom attire’ to pronounce the death of the suit

Chartered Accountants Wylie & Bisset has pronounced the death of the business suit by adapting to the ‘new normality’ in the post-lockdown business world by sporting informal ‘zoom attire’.

meeting zoom

Donald McKinnon, managing partner, said: “Recent months have seen us conduct most of our business with clients over various digital platforms – and the majority of these virtual meetings have been held with our staff sporting casual ‘zoom attire’.

“I’ve not worn a suit and tie for three months, and as we continue on the roadmap towards the ‘new normality’, as a firm we have taken a decision to adapt to a more modern way of working, where flexibility is encouraged, including a relaxation of formal dress codes.”

Mark Harper, insolvency manager at the firm, is fully in favour of the move towards a less formal dress code.

“While its death has been predicted for some time now, I think the lockdown will prove to be the final nail in the coffin for the business suit, as so many of us have grown used to working from home and participating in business meetings via digital platforms wearing more casual clothes rather than having to put on a shirt and tie every day. And going forward, I welcome a more relaxed approach to clothing when we do return to the office.”

However, McKinnon does add one caveat: “While, as a firm, we will be adopting a more relaxed approach to clothing, I’m certainly not suggesting that we take a lead from Dominic Cummings in sartorial matters!”


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Date: 9 July 20